Jun 3, 2013

It's been three months since she can call herself a college graduate. Yet here she is, jobless, at home, unsure whether she wants to write or to draw, to follow where the money is or to just continue what she likes to do. And all the while the others rush to pass their resumes, wait for that final phone call, or look for the cheapest apartment, itching to start the "real life." She's twenty years old. She has her life ahead of her. Surely it's not that bad that she decides to take a break after practically living in the classroom for more than a decade, to do things that she can only do at this age.

Why do most people always rush to "grow up"? Why do they always expect graduates to start "living their real life" right away, as if work and a hard-earned paycheck is the only thing that defined real life.

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