Jun 19, 2013

Best places to enjoy the rain:

1. Inside a car, either the driver's seat or the passenger seat, where you can look at the little droplets merging together and rolling down the windshield, in the evening against a backdrop of bokeh lights and umbrellas moving in different directions.

2. Next to a window. A closed one. With a warm cup of green tea (or coffee), or soup, or even cereal.

3. The terrace, so the sweet humid atmosphere envelops you. Until the rain goes too crazy and gets you wet.

4. In bed, under a wool blanket.

5. Under the rain itself. Feel the rain on your skin, they say, no one else can feel it for you. (But I retreat as soon as the slightest sight of lightning catches my eye. I don't care if it's miles away; lightnings are only fun in anime shows.)

And when there's no rain and you're longing for it, will do.



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