May 28, 2013

On my to-visit list of places, Boracay is far from the top, but this summer trip with the Spectres is my first and last, and one I feel I shouldn't miss, wherever it is.

Armed with backpacks, duffel bags, and jugs of water, twenty-one Spectres and a faculty adviser went on board the RORO boat at Wednesday midnight for the two-hour ride to Dumangas port, then we split into two vans that'll take five hours to bring us north, to the Caticlan port. Dawn slowly breaks as we snooze off in the cold, dark van and by the time we arrive at Boracay Island itself, the sun was up and shining. Ready to turn pale to peach, peach to brown. Right on time.

Since the last time I came here almost five years ago Boracay has changed a bit. The most pleasant change was to see the waters clear and blue instead of green and algae-packed. There were still many white people -- pale "sausages" and cooked "sausages" -- Korean people, brown-skinned people, Tagalog-speaking people. They pass by the facades of mostly the same group of hotels and restaurants, only this time they were flanked with more well-known establishments: McDonald's, Shakey's, Hap Chan, Mang Inasal, Starbucks. I was expecting Jollibee.

The heat and the waves don't stop these two from weaving around boats to sell ice cream and coconuts!

Despite myself I got a key chain made (the white beach landscape design). Couldn't resist.

It's a nice change to enjoy the sun and the waters (salty, salty Boracay waters) with people other than my mum, relatives, or mum's cowboy office friends. Would've been better if El, Kats, and Grace were there too.


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